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Sustainable Development: Evaluation and Monitoring (E&M) of biodiversity Projects 

We believe that Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) design of projects establishes a solid body of knowledge upon which project success and impacts can be measured. This is an important aspect of the project implementation design that ensures that project implementation is able to measure its progress towards realizing the project objectives.
The M&E helps the projects to deliver their mandates and ensures value for money from the investments supported. Thus the M&E is a useful tool not only to assist the project in tracking the progress towards the targets but also to ensure that project interventions and approaches are suitable for achieving the targets.

Our approach is to generate the baseline information that leads to the development of sound indicators that will form the basis for monitoring project progress as well as assessing project progress towards meeting its objectives. Evidently, Biodiversity and development programmes and projects with strong monitoring and evaluation components tend to stay on track. Additionally, problems are often detected earlier, which reduces the likelihood of having major cost overruns or time delays later.




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