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Books by Ssemmanda Richard et al

Peer Reviewed Journals by Ssemanda Richard et al
Chapters by Ssemanda Richard et al
Contributing Authors
• Ssemmanda R. 2019. Final Technical Report for Lion Collaring in Kidepo Valley National Park, Uganda. Technical Report to Uganda Conservation Foundation, Uganda.
• Ssemmanda R 2019. Accepting smallholder producers as key stakeholders is fundamental. In: Rosalien Jezeer and Nick Pasiecznik (eds). 2019. Exploring inclusive palm oil production. European ropical Forest Research Network
• Ssemmanda R. and Opige M.O. (eds.). 2018. Oil palm plantations in forest landscapes: impacts, aspirations and ways forward in Uganda. Wageningen, the Netherlands: Tropenbos International
• Ssemmanda R., Williams S. and Opige M., 2017. Rapid Assessment of Uganda’s Tier II Protected Areas. Technical Report to United Nations Development Programme.
• Uganda National Redlist (WCS, 2016) – Contributing authors – Richard Ssemmanda
• Fuller, R., Akite, P., Amuno, J.B., Fuller, C., Ofwono, J., Proaktor, G., and Ssemmanda, R. 2012. Using Playback vocalizations to survey the Nahan’s Francolin, a threatened African forest galliform. OSTRICH 2012, 83(1): 1-6.
• Pomeroy. D., Kaphu. G., Nalwanga. D., Ssemmanda. R., Lotuk. B., Opeto. A., Matsiko. M. (2012). Counting vultures at provisioned carcasses in Uganda. Vulture News, 62:25-32.
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• Pomeroy, D., Kaphu, G., Nalwanga, D., and Ssemmanda, R. (2010). Counting of vultures at provisioned carcasses in Uganda’s National Parks. Vulture News, South Africa.
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• Pomeroy D, Lutaya B and Tushabe H [Ed.], (2007). The State of Uganda’s Biodiversity Report (2006) (Contributing Authors Richard Ssemmanda et al)
• Ssemmanda, R. 2005. An apparent increase in the Hooded Vulture numbers in Kampala, Uganda. Vulture News No 53: 20-25
• Fuller, R., Ssemmanda, R., Kizungu, R. and Musema, A. (2006) East African francolins. Ann. Rev. World Pheasant Assoc. 2005/2006: 24.
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• Fuller, R., Flockhart, C., Akite, P., Amuno, J. B., Owfono, J.M., Ssemmanda, R. and Proaktor, G. (2004) Conservation status of the Nahan's francolin Francolinus nahani: Update. PQF News 20: 17-18.



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