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Trainings and Specialized Services

Seismic Ecology
Oil and Gas industry; Our teams have taken global Oil and Gas majors through successful 2D and 3D seismic in critically sensitive biodiversity hotspots in the Albertine rift such as National Parks, Important Bird Areas (IBAs) and those with flagship species. With such expertise, Eco-Trends will spearhead our journey to development in the extractive industry cognitive of ecological sensitivity abiding by international best practices. Eco-Trends will also provide training lessons to teams on how to safely work in such wildlife areas avoiding and minimizing safety incidents.
Wild animal collaring (Vultures, Elephants, Lions, etc.)
The use of tracking devices on both birds and mammals is common practice in monitoring of a wide range of animal activity. However, this exercise may require modest to high degree logistical arrangements ranging from acquisition of the right tracking equipment, recommended drugs and doses (where applicable) and the right personnel with the ethics and license to execute. At Eco-Trends, personnel with wide experience in this field will not only undertake the exercise but also analyze results taking care of other environmental parameters.
Mist Netting
Birds and bats form a component of fauna that is often part of studies. Studies that require exhaustive species lists, Capture-Mark-Recapture and those in densely vegetated ecosystems may require mist-netting to do justice. You need not look elsewhere; Eco-Trends will provide you with adequate solutions to an exhaustive mist-netting study.
Camera Trapping
Study of skulking species, nocturnal species and those dangerous to human life among other wildlife are some of the subjects where use of camera trapping techniques have been applied globally on terrestrial forms. With teams that have worked with multitudes of researchers to make use of this method, Eco-Trends will provide you with modern equipment, experienced personnel and data analysts to explore the deepest of advantages in the use of camera traps for diurnal and nocturnal surveys and studies.
Animal Corridor Studies
Corridors normally take a unique form of linear or near linear shape that may not provide a lot of habitat to allow desired study adjustments especially if dealing with large mammals such as elephants. Studies in such limited places require being tailor made to adduce desired results with maximum precision. With the experience in corridor studies using various methods tailored to species and habitat characteristics, Eco-Trends guarantees the best techniques to maximize results for your African study and survey.
Mapping sensitivity
With mineral resources extinct in the so called free zones such as deserts, extractive industrial sector now turns to ecologically sensitive areas for new discoveries. However, this is no mean fit to undertake extractives without compromising the integrity of these fragile ecosystems. Sensitivity mapping is now a common phenomenon but requires advanced knowledge of both ecology and industry. At Eco-Trends, we have overcome and continue to steer forward at both the ecological and industrial fronts to map your sensitive ecosystems. We further provide you with advance ecological compliance teams and biodiversity field specialists to manage extractive activities with desired global best practice in tandem with global financing institutions such as IFC and the World Bank.
Ecosystem services identification and management
Biodiversity Ecosystem Services (BES) is now globally recognized with multiple guidelines such as IPIECA that help streamline BES into project designs. Eco-Trends will initiate you into BES through desired practical training to embed BES into teams across Social, Environmental and Management hierarchy. Streamlining BES into project activities is our desire as part of fulfilling our obligation to a clean development path without compromising biodiversity.
Management of biological field teams
Eco-Trends will provide you with tested and trusted biological field teams that will make your internal training and field activities comply with global best practices. The teams are safety conscious, trained to follow procedures and undertake desired job risk assessments prior to activities. Eco-Trends will also manage your ecological/biological teams to produce best results. With onsite training to fit these teams into international industrial practice, Eco-Trends seek to protect your company reputation through organized team delivery.



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